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February 13, 2017

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February 13, 2017



“The truth will set you free - but first it will piss you off” - Gloria Steinem


Get Angry, Then Get Active


Last month, the first gathering of our local Indivisible Group took place.  A few friends, and friends of friends, had been sharing their concerns about the election and new presidential administration, responses (or lack thereof) of our state and federal elected officials, and the increase in speech and acts of hatred and violence across the country since the election.  What can we do? How do we challenge this?  How do we resist?  And then we stumbled upon the Indivisible Guide (  A date to discuss this was set and we spread the word to friends and family.  On January 12, a group of 27 people met to make a plan to resist the new administration together.


A Facebook group was formed, a letter was printed in the Kent County News, a website was created, people talked, and word continued to spread.  In just one month we have grown to a group of concerned citizens 250 strong, and our numbers continue to grow each day.


In addition to reaching out to people in Kent and Queen Anne’s counties, we are connecting with other Indivisible groups up and down the Eastern Shore and across the state as well as throughout the national Indivisibile network.  We have much to be proud of in Maryland.  We also have much to challenge in order to achieve greater representation of the needs and interests of those who live on the Eastern Shore.


Our goals are to act in coordination with others across the country through phone calls, letters, and emails to our Members of Congress, and to resist the goals of the Trump administration that will undermine our democracy and create or perpetuate racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and the legitimacy of hatred in our political processes. We will also monitor the words and actions, or inactions, of our state and local elected officials, voice our concerns, and take action to make this the community, state, and nation we want to live in.


We encourage members to stay alert, stay informed, and stay active in communicating with our elected representatives.  A few excellent ways to do this are to:  


  • Sign up to receive notices of daily or weekly action items through:

Daily Action -

Wall-Of-Us -

Damsels in Defiance -


  • Sign up with for online resistance and advocacy training opportunities:


  • Sign up with the Working Families Action Network and participate in Resist Trump Tuesdays:


  • Start attending Town Council or County Commissioners meetings. We live in these communities, we should take a more active role in learning and hearing about what our local governance is doing and voicing our questions and concerns.


Task Forces


For those of you who missed our meeting last Wednesday, you can find information about the group’s organizational structure on the KQAI website ( ). During our meeting, we asked those of you who feel particularly invested in a particular issue to consider signing up for a relevant task force. If you missed the chance last week, you can still sign up by contacting the task forces via email:





Immigration/Foreign Policy

Civil Rights (formerly Marginalized Communities)

[more coming soon!]


The task forces are just getting formed: each will have 2 leaders who will organize the activities of the group, among them:

  • monitoring developments (regionally and nationally) related to task force focus

  • coordinating task force events, actions, and meetings  

  • preparing fact sheet for the entire group, sending fact sheet to communications team for production

  • (leaders) communicating updates and suggested actions to Administrative team by Friday each week to be included in weekly newsletter the following week

  • (leaders) sending action-focused email blasts for emergency issues as they arise


And of course, as we all know, this group is in its infancy, so we welcome additional suggestions for task forces as well as comments about how the structure seems to be working.


Finally, if you’re not ready to commit the amount of time that a task force might require, not to worry! You can keep an eye on our website, email, Twitter feed, and Facebook page, and you can engage in activities and events when you’re able and interested.


Going forward, we plan to hold one meeting a month for the whole group to allow for smaller task forces and breakout groups to meet on the other weeks. We will keep members up to date between meetings through the Facebook group, these weekly newsletters, and Calls to Action as they are necessary.  


Actions For The Week of 2/13/2017


If you have a busy week: (shorter time commitment)

  • Finish your postcard(s) from last week’s post card blitz and send it/them off! Information for this is on our website at

  • Call Andy Harris’s office and ask if he’s planning to attend the town hall meeting on the ACA scheduled for Feb. 23 from 6-8 at the Queen Anne’s County Library. If the answer is no, ask when he will be planning to talk to his constituents about the ACA. (You might want to have a couple of facts in hand from this fact sheet .)
    Office in DC: 202-225-5311; in KI: 410-643-5425
    Add the Feb. 23 town hall event to your calendar!!!

  • Call Andy Harris and ask that he vote in favor of House Resolution 371 which will require candidates of a major political party for the office of President to disclose 3 years of federal income tax returns, and an elected President and Vice President to fully disclose and divest themselves of any financial interest posing a potential conflict of interest. Office in DC: 202-225-5311; in KI: 410-643-5425

  • Call the MSEA Legislative Hotline at 1–888–520–6732 and ask our state reps to support the Less Testing, More Learning Act of 2017. (Senator Stephen Hershey Senate Bill 0452; Del. Steven Arentz, Del. Jefferson Ghrist, De. Jay Jacobs House Bill 0461) HEARING FOR THIS BILL is on 2/14 (Senate) and 2/15 (House)

  • Call Stephen Hershey’s office at 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3639 (toll free) and ask him to stop fracking in Maryland by VOTING YES on Senate Bill 0740
    HEARING FOR THIS BILL is on 2/28 (Senate); no hearing date for the House yet

  • And, let’s not forget: we STILL haven’t see 45’s tax returns.


If you have a bit more time: (medium time commitment)

  • Call Andy Harris and tell him you support House Resolution 804 - Protect the National Security Council from Political Interference Act, “this resolution would prohibit individuals who are political advisors to the President from becoming a member of the National Security Council (NSC).  This is aimed at removing partisan politics from national security decisions and would remove Steve Bannon from the NSC. Office in DC: 202-225-5311; in KI: 410-643-5425

  • Call for an investigation into Michael Flynn’s dealings with Russia. Contact the members of the House Committee on Oversight:

  • Keep putting pressure on the House Committee on Oversight to investigate Trump’s conflicts of interest.

  • Check for other weekly actions from Wall-of-Us and Damsels in Defiance and get calling!

  • Share a personal story about how you’ve been impacted by the ACA with MD 7th District Rep. Elijah Cummings:


If you have some extra time this week: (and are ready for a more significant time commitment)

  • Attend this week’s Resist Trump Tuesday event:

  • Check out the new Indivisible Take Action page to find other events happening near us:


Stay strong and carry on.




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