Our Mission

The Indivisible Movement is a national movement organizing to demand accountability from our congressional Representatives and prevent the Trump administration from dismantling American democracy.


Indivisible of Kent and Queen Anne’s Counties strives to build a movement of inclusion, equity and justice, and will further this mission with four goals in mind:


  • Maintain elected Representative vigilance. We demand that the actions of our local and state Representatives are fact-based, science-based and data-driven. We demand that our Representatives vote in the people’s best interests, not for special interests.


  • To be a resource in our community to inform, organize and support the people of Kent and Queen Anne’s Counties.  We seek to do this by providing fact checked information and legislative developments, coordinating acts of resistance, and increasing voter participation.


  • To build relationships and alliances in our community across lines of race, class, gender identity, generation, faith, citizenship status or political party, utilizing our collective power to work for liberty and justice for all.

  • Work to seat progressive candidates in the Maryland 1st congressional district and in other local and regional elections.

Organizational Structure

  • Administrative Team  (contact at KQAIndivisible@gmail.com)

  • Traditional Media Outreach

  • Social Media Outreach

  • Design Team

  • Legislative Watch Group: Federal, State, Local Levels

  • Taskforce Leaders: Healthcare, Education, Environment, Immigration, Foreign Policy, Marginalized Communities, etc.

  • Local/Grassroots Organizing

Our Plan of Action

  • Taskforces will research & create fact sheets about each of the issue areas: What is happening? What is the impact? How will this affect Maryland?

  • Design Team and Media Outreach Teams work on translating information for most effective use (graphics, newspaper, social media, etc.)

  • Members, Legislative Watch Groups and Taskforces will check in with Admin Team with developing issues, action items, legislative activity, etc.

  • Administrative team will email a weekly newsletter with information and action items

  • Facebook/Twitter/Website will be maintained with events/issues; Emails for emergency action items will be sent as necessary

Lawful Exercise 

  • We take this opportunity to state that KQAIndivisible does not promote or condone unlawful behavior. We encourage every individual to act in their highest conscience, lawfully, to engage in the exercise of one's own civil rights. ​


  • We also take this opportunity to state that individuals who decide to participate in any action do so at their own risk. Again, please act in an informed, responsible and lawful manner. The following website provides resources for safety at protests and marches: https://right-to-protest.org/protect-your-protest/

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